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 hengtong helps china unicom conduct world’s first carrier-class “large-effective area fiber” land optical cable project test


world’s first carrier-class “large-effective area fiber” land optical cable project, in which hengtong’s ultra low-loss fiber (itu-t standard code: g.654e) was involved, has been checked and accepted by china unicom in xinjiang & shandong, china recently.


applied in two land mainlines, “hami - balikun” & “jinan - qingdao”, the ultra low-loss g.654e fiber performed well in temperature resistance, attenuation, weld ability and strength properties, passing the testing, according to wang guangquan, director of network technology research department of china unicom.

 based on land & marine optical communication and mainline requirements, hengtong’s ultra low-loss fiber is a next generation communication fiber with high speed, large capacity and long distance.

hengtong’s ultra low-loss fiber project has gained cny 45.23 million special funds of the grant from the chinese government in july 2016, which targets to support china’s information, e-commerce & internet industry.