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on december 9, ms. isabel banzo, cablescom’s hr director, participated in the talent immersion session, or inmersiontalento conference, promoted by the cámara de comercio, industria y servicios de zaragoza (chamber of commerce, industry and service of zaragoza).

at this event, isabel banzo enjoyed a conversation about innovation and cooperation in the human resources function with elena sanjoaquín benavente, responsible person for human resources at ita innova. interactions were launched as well with the audience, who, following the conversation live, spoke and asked the protagonists questions - a high-quality meeting! and a wonderful and emotive encounter where the participants were able to share knowledge!

“hr departments must step up and play a strategic role within organizations,” said isabel during the session. “it is essential that they embrace innovation as the fundamental axis of their line of work, with the priority objective of making organizations grow through the development and care of people.” 

she also highlighted the support received from the management of cablescom and hengtong group, making the hr area of cablescom a strategic pillar of the organization.

this event was echoed by  (la cámara de comercio e inversiones de china en españa)西班牙中国商会. 

on the next day, december 10, cablescom’s ceo, ms. verónica iliescu, participated in an exclusive webinar organized by china chamber of commerce to the eu (ccceu) 欧盟中国商会 and eu-china business association (eucba) 欧盟中国贸易协会.

during the meeting, in which more than 350 people participated, chinese ambassador zhang ming responded to the concerns of the participants and addressed different issues such as the review of the year 2020, marked by covid-19, the recovery of china and the reciprocal support between the eu and china to overcome difficulties (sending ppe aid and medical equipment, sharing information, etc…), increased high-level cooperation between china and the eu, the planning of the cooperation and collaboration actions between the china chamber of commerce and the eu, the usa-china relationship -cooperation is needed- and the belt & road initiative and development, among other issues.

it is not the first time for cablescom to participate in bilateral activities between spain and china. on july 28, verónica and victor lee, co-ceo of cablescom, attended the “cloud meeting” with h.e. wu haitao, chinese ambassador to spain, an event organized by . verónica introduced cablescom and hengtong group to the ambassador and extended invitation once again for him to visit cablescom. she also acknowledged the kind support from the chinese embassy and the chamber, and expressed expectations to take the cooperation further ahead.

in one of cablescom’s releases, we read these lines:

“it was very beneficial for cablescom and hengtong group to be able to participate in this forum and share collaboration and business strategies to move forward.”

indeed. the past year 2020 brought not only challenges to us, but also, and more importantly, solidarity, tenacity, and confidence in taking on any adversity in the future. among them, even a bit happiness always shines remarkably brightly, just as we always get from cablescom.

just as the quote from spain's famous missionary baltasar gracian:

“uno debe pasar por la circumferencia del tiempo antes de llegat al centro de oportunidad.”

“one must pass through the circumference of time before arriving at the center of opportunity.”