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  • smart grid system solutions (power transmission and distribution at county levels)

    hengtong group is the initiator of smart grid industry alliance nationwide. it develops cable solutions adaptive to power transmission over the smart grid, including high-capacity high-voltage and extra-high-voltage electrical cables and optical cables. its products cover cables for urban and rural grids, as well as overhead lines and underground cables including overhead conductors and opgw, oppc, adss, oplc, low-voltage buried cables, medium-voltage cables and xlpe cables of 500kv or below that are applicable to long spans. they have been widely applied in numerous projects around the world and survived stringent tests. among them, oppc of hengtong creates a world record with the highest voltage class in china, and opgw of hengtong creates multiple world’s firsts such as the largest cross section, the highest capacity, the longest span, the best thunder-proof performance and the biggest icing load.
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  • smart home system solutions

    hengtong power industry group combines the optical cables and electrical cables to meet remote smart management needs while integrating the functions. it launches product-oriented smart home system solutions such as aluminum-alloy household cables, environmentally-friendly insulated wires, household cables with prefabricated branch lines, optical fiber composite low-voltage cables, and ultra-flexible fireproof cables. the solutions, through the internet of things, connect up systems in the house such as audio and video devices, illuminating systems, air-conditioning control systems, security systems, and digital cinemas to provide users with high-quality and reliable products and services integrating the systems, infrastructure, services and management functions.
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  • marine engineering system solutions

    hengtong has invested and established world-class production bases for extra-high-voltage electrical cables and undersea cables, and introduced a full set of world’s top equipment for extra-high-voltage cables and submarine cables. it owns a 180-meter-high vcv tower, the highest in asia, and a submarine cable terminal that can accommodate two 10,000-dwt ships.  hengtong has also independently developed the high-voltage (500 kv), large-cross-section (2,500 mm2), and long-spanning (over 50 km) xlpe optical fiber composite submarine wires, flexible and long high-voltage dc submarine composite wires (±320kv) and flexible joints of submarine cables, all of which have reached the top level in the world. the “ultra-length feeding repeaterless submarine optical cable” of hengtong breaks the bottleneck in the domestic market and becomes an alternative of imported products.
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  • rail transit system solutions

    hengtong is equipped with foreign advanced production equipment for overhead contact line products and is capable of manufacturing 1,000 tons of overhead contact lines and 1,000 tons of catenaries a month. its products cover magnesium-copper, tin-copper, and silver-copper contact lines, catenaries and accessories in a wide range of models and specifications. the special heat treatment process from independent r&d of hengtong has obtained the national patent for invention, and it has cracked a world technical problem. the railway engineering series of hengtong represent the highest level of high-speed railway technology worldwide and have been successfully applied to multiple major high-speed railways in china such as the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, demonstrating up-to-standard or even superior performances of the railway industry.
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  • smart building system solutions

    hengtong has launched smart building system solutions with comprehensive management of the energy efficiency as the core. all the information is integrated through establishment of communication networks, energy consumption data collection and management, power distribution monitoring, smart office and self-management of buildings, so that the solutions can be interconnected with the building construction equipment management and public security management systems. in this way, a safe, reliable, comfortable and convenient modern smart building featuring energy-conservation, environmental friendliness and economical efficiency can be created.
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