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a dozen days ago, on november 22, hengtong embarked a “sweet bombardment” on alcobre, its portuguese subsidiary, with some 30 clips containing a wealth of congratulations, shot at home and abroad, on her 110th anniversary. that day happened to be minor snow, one of china’s 24 solar terms. the coldness of winter was, however, melted by the warmth among hengtongers.





now, the other end of the eurasian continent echoes. “obrigado!” “obrigado!” “obrigado!” … by these repeated grateful words and images, alcobre people strike a strong chord with their colleagues across the world.


现在,欧亚大陆另一端传来了回音。“obrigado!” “obrigado!” “obrigado!”……alcobre的小伙伴们,以这一句句最淳朴的“谢谢!”,缀连起一帧帧动人的镜头,向总部及全球的同事表达感激之情。

paul huang, ceo of alcobre, kicks off the film by thanking the headquarters for its congratulations and expressing his resolution for a better future. coo carlos granja furthers the acknowledgement by saying that given the difficult times, these (congratulatory) words are very very hot in their hearts. cco vitor ferreira expresses his firm belief in a promising future.


在视频里,alcobre总经理黄超对总部的祝福表示衷心感谢,表达了携手开创更美好未来的决心。首席运营官carlos granja进一步表示,亨通的祝福是当前艰难时事中的一剂暖心针。首席商务官vitor ferreira则对未来信心满怀。


“with your support, and working together, we will move on for the promising future that will come!”




the video comes to an end in one “obrigado” after another. in the background, cable machines are rolling, roaring heavily, easily giving rise to the synesthesia of the vast blue atlantic singing backing vocals, rough but romantic, for global hengtongers, who have been helping each other over this year’s unprecedented challenge.




at the 110-year milestone, a retrospect sparks many thoughts—how many heroic stories must it need to compile such a long-lasting entrepreneurship as alcobre? how many heroic stories must it need to enable a company to navigate through ups and downs of one era after another?




“the land ends and the sea starts.” this grand line by the great poet luís de camões not only depicts the terrain of portugal, but also, as we think, attaches some symbolic meaning to the milestone of the 110th anniversary of alcobre:




this is where the past ends and another grandiose 110 years starts!




likewise, when we commemorate our forefathers with hard work and usher in the future with a centenary enterprise that we will leave behind, we also attach some symbolic meaning to the name of the company-hengtong.


in this sense, hengtong, or “connectivity”、(its literal meaning in chinese), not only paves the way of information and energy connectivity, but also links civilizations of today with the past, carries forward mankind’s permanent pursuit of the perfect, and when it comes to hengtongers, eternalizes their four "dares" spirit.




we will move on for the promising future that will come!



what is hengtongers’ four “dares” spirit:



the four “dears” spirit, namely: dare to take the lead, dare to do the best, dare to pioneer great business & dare to scale new heights, was summarized during the development of the group as an embodiment of the entrepreneurship of hengtongers.




different translations have slightly different wording, but the meaning contained is consistent and clear on the board for all to see. behind the four “dares”, there are various hardworking, and even struggling, stories of hengtongers. these four phrases serve as a beacon in their career.