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the grand opening of china international optoelectronic expo (cioe) was held in shengzheng, september 4th. which is the largest global optic-electric, optical industry exhibition. at this cioe, we focus on 4g communications products and odn new product, include the big size fiber preform, s-m, mm fiber, special optical fiber, optical network access devices, submarine optical fiber composite cable, and so on. at the scene of the exhibition, we showed the interactive presentation of high speed active optical fiber cable transmission technology, and had a good result.

with the implementation of the strategy of broadband china, greatly promoted the rapid development of hengtong optical communication sector. in order to meet the continuous develop requirements of the trunk network, metropolitan area network, access network, we made the "deployment of 4g, optical network first" as the theme and “full network, complete coverage, international” as the promotion key, focus on the display and promote of cutting-edge technology and core product, and reflected our pioneering spirit of innovation.