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recently, hengtong optic-electric co., ltd comes in at no.163 on the list of china's 500 most valuable brandsagain, for its brand value of 11.987 billion yuan, which is far ahead in optical cable industry. "china's 500 most valuable brands list" is made by world brand lab after analyzing the company’s financial data, market share, brand loyalty, profitability trends brand contribution rate to income in the future, etc.
as a chinese optical cable industry leader, hengtong optic-electric co., ltd has been in the list of china's 500 most valuable brands for ten times, brand value has increased from 2.733 billion to 11.987 billion yuan during 2004 to 2013, which fully reflects the comprehensive rise in corporate brand image and management , products, services and other aspects, and provesthe brand influence and credibilityin the consumer groups.
in recent years, hengtong group is committed to create a century classic brand withcore technology and independent innovation,in order to increase the linkage between brand promotion and development realize the goal of leadingdomestic cable industry and stepping in the world's top five,hengtong proposed  that three ways of development should be shoulder to shoulder,which is to combine product management with capital management, product diversification with industry diversification,domestic market withoverseas the same time, hengtong tries to achieve three major changesabout strategic goal, which is shifting fromproduct suppliers to the system integration service providers, production-oriented enterprises to develop production, local enterprise to international enterprise.