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2013-9-12 575 font size:

recently, at the “state grid corporation’s 2013 transmission line material tender the fourth batch of centralized tender bidding activities of wire” project, hengtong successful bid the new energy-saving conductor - aluminum alloy wire of sichuan, jiangsu and henan. the amount is in the second place. this is a new breakthrough after the 800kv uhv dc transmission line project (haminan - zhengzhou) and the 800kv uhv dc transmission line project (left bank of ciluodu – jinhua). at the end of august, the successful bid amount nearly ten thousand tons at the big cross section, and other special wire field.

with the growing demand for energy saving wire, from research and development of ordinary aluminum conductor to 500-900 medium-sized cross-section wire and then the new aluminum energy-saving conductor and 1520 large cross-section special wire, hengtong step by step following the national uhv line industry policy adjustment, continuously strengthen the development and manufacture in the field of special wire, repeatedly organized technical personnel to beijing, shanghai and other places communicated with expert and conquered many technical problems, breakthrough the dilemma. in may 2013, china electric power research institute first time commissioned hengtong to research and develop the 1520 large cross-section wire project, the final products was tested by the experts and fully met the technical parameters. won the highly appreciated by the china electric power research institute and strongly supported the application of national extra-large cross-section wire. these boosted hengtong’s status and influence in state grid wire field.

this successful bid not only reflected the product price, market service advantages and also the advantages of technology, and the comprehensive ability to meet the demand of customer differentiation. as a rising star in the field of special wire, hengtong will assume more responsibility for national electric power construction.