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on august 21st, hengtong group and hainan provincial government held a signing ceremony for the "framework agreement on strategic cooperation" in haikou city. peng jinhui, vice governor of hainan province, and qian jianlin, executive president of hengtong group, attended the signing ceremony and signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement.


vice governor peng jinhui remarked: on april 13 this year, president xi jinping attended the 30th anniversary conference of establishing a provincial special economic zone in hainan province and delivered an important speech. this was the greatest affirmation of hainan's development over the past 30 years, the great expectation of the central government to lead hainan to deepen the reform and opening up, as well as an unprecedented opportunity for hainan to build a free trade test area and a free trade port with chinese characteristics. peng jinhui marked that he welcomed large international high-tech enterprises like hengtong group to invest in hainan and witness the new development of hainan.


qian jianlin said that the introduction of plans and supporting measures for hainan free trade zone and free trade ports with chinese characteristics has laid a solid foundation for industrial internationalization and global talent gathering. at the same time, in the future, special policy arrangements in market access, international financing facilities, currency convertibility, taxation and other aspects will also bring a new round of great benefits for the development of enterprises. the development of hainan will provide a wider international stage for hengtong to display the scientific and technological achievements in optical fiber network, electric power grid, big data internet, new energy and new materials, intelligent city and intelligent ocean.


in the subsequent discussions and information exchanges, hengtong group had conducted in-depth discussions on specific areas of cooperation and projects with the hainan provincial industry and information technology department, development and reform commission, science and technology department, marine fisheries department, residential construction department, haikou municipal government and chengmai county government.


according to the agreement, hengtong group will give full play to its own advantages and conduct comprehensive cooperation with the hainan provincial government in the areas of international industrial headquarters construction, marine monitoring network, telecommunications infrastructure, application demonstration projects, and etc. meanwhile, hengtong will work together to promote the construction of hainan information intelligence island and a strong ocean province.