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from september 29th to october 2nd, 2019, the sixty-eighth iwcs international cable forum was held in charlotte convention center, charlotte, north carolina, usa. hengtong, as a leading enterprise in the telecommunication industry, was invited to attend the conference and published the latest professional report on scientific research. this time, hengtong has published 9 academic papers, covering the fields of optical fiber communication, optical fiber cable manufacturing, cable materials, special applications of optical cable products, etc. among them, there are 5 thematic papers on speeches in the conference and 4 posters display papers on the spot. hengtong's professional academic papers have been fully affirmed by the organizers and witnessed hengtong's leading position in the telecommunication cable industry.


this conference includes 15 technical seminars and more than 110 papers on the development of optical connectors, code standards, cable materials, reliability and network management, data centers, copper cable data transmission, multi-mode optical fibers, ultra-low loss optical fibers, optical fiber cable design, manufacture and testing methods, high density optical cables, air-blowing micro cables, etc. during the conference, hengtong participants delivered brilliant speeches on the application of uv-led curing system in wet-on-dry optical fiber coating, the research on adss optical cable applied in extremely low temperature-resistance of -60°c, the design and application of radio frequency identifiable optical cable , application of distributed optical fiber sensing temperature measurement system in reactors, and research on cold-resistant optical cable in alpine regions, which won unanimous praise and praise from the audience.