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from october 14 to 17, the 2019 china marine economy expo known as "the first marine exhibition of china", was held in shenzhen, china. the expo allowed marine industry leaders to demonstrate and display the latest cutting-edge technologies and core equipment in the domestic and global marine fields, as well as discuss development trends within the industry.


as a global information and energy network service provider, hengtong was present at the expo to demonstrate its services that can be applied to the marine industry. the expo gave hengtong the opportunity to show its marine energy interconnection system solutions, marine engineering system solutions, and marine observation system solutions.


hengtong also shared ways in which its services can be used by cities hoping to build up their smart marine infrastructure. with its focus on the development of high-end marine equipment and marine information services, hengtong is able to facilitate city governments in the development and expansion of their smart marine construction projects, beneficial to both global communication and energy networks.