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on august 20th, hengtong successfully signed a 220kv transmission line project with nepal electricity authority (nea). as an important part of the energy interconnection project between india and nepal, the project undertakes the arduous task of cross-border power transmission, and when completed, it will greatly alleviate the local power gap.


the successful signing of the project realized the internationalization breakthrough of hengtong in the land high voltage transmission line project, and it was also the first time that hengtong won the world bank project in nepal. it not only shows the advantages of its own international platform, but also reflects the ability of epc team and market personnel to merge, share information and integrate resources, marking hengtong’s solid step forward in the international project contracting.


in the power transmission industry, hengtong has a full range of products covering high-end precision copper and fine materials, as well as medium and low voltage, high voltage, extra high voltage, ultra high voltage and ocean power transmission, dedicated to global energy internet of things construction, providing smart grid, extra high voltage and ultra-high voltage power transmission, solutions for ehv ocean power transmission system, together with its design-construction-operation-maintenance integrated epc package service for power engineering. acting as one of the service providers of energy interconnection system solutions (product engineering services) with complete industrial chain and higher industrial structure in china, at present, hengtong has already ranked among the top five in the field of global ocean power engineering and extra-high voltage power transmission.


following the world map to do business, under the strategy of the belt and road to go out, hengtong will take advantage of this project as a starting point to deeply cultivate the nepalese market and contribute to the construction of the local energy network to contribute to the friendship with nepal which is adjacent and culturally connected to china.