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now more than ever, due to the situation the world is facing, we have realized how important ethical values are--ethical values such as recycling, protecting our planet and helping each other.


founded in 1910, alcobre is the oldest electric cable manufacturer in portugal. during 1994 and 2016, alcobre was part of the powertech/aberdare group, and in 2016 it was acquired by hengtong group, becoming one of the hengtong’s overseas industrial bases. 


the alcobre plant has a total area of 42,000 ㎡, including some 12,000 ㎡ for the workshop and office. the main products of alcobre are house wires and lv power cables, supplying portugal, spain, france and related markets.


with the commitment to the goal of sustainable development, which denotes keeping our environment safe and healthy, alcobre has recycled, instead of destroying them, some of the to-be-discarded drums and donated them to jardim de infância furadouro, a kindergarten located in one of the city’s villages.


the drums are now changed into new benches and round tables that are used by the children, who have come back to school with plenty of surprises and smiles.