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project team members from public infrastructure department of thai telecom visited hengtong optic-electric for optical fibre cable factory acceptance testings (fat) in the past few days. and during stay, hengtong optic-electric power transmission inspection center conducted multiple optical, mechanical performances testings, cable temperature cycle and cable structure measurement according to client’s project technical specification and testing plans. and the capability of hengtong optic-electric was highly appreciated by thai telecom experts, and all testing results were seen in line with project requirement under wittnesss of thai telecom professionals, and after completion of inspections, thai telecom visitors expressed their willing of further cooperation with hengtong optic-electric in the following projects.

massive information is regarded as the progressing direction of human society, and is taken as the common acknowledgement of global government. thai authorities are pushing their economic growth forward and initiated infrustracture upgrading project for providing better public telecommunication services. the procured optical cables from hengtong will be used for over 30,000 network stations in north thailand, and this project will benefit more than 2,4700 thai families with internet speed boosted and bandwidth sufficient to large amount of further accesss.

after intense competition with other global cable suppliers, hengtong optic-electric was rendered the bidding with her advantages in offers, technical superiority and rich experiences. by providing products and services, hengtong optic-electric will support thailand’s economy development, and makes her own contributions to welfare of thai families. this project also is the outcome of hengtong’s successful immplementation of global strategy and action following china’s one belt one road strategy to southeast asia region, and one belt one road leading by china government is targeting to push economy of neighboring countries and create better life of their locals.