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from 19th of mar. 2017, after meticulous working, hengtong’s show booth in 54 square meters was well prepared for vistors from 19th of mar. led by mr. shi weiming manager of hengtong optical network co.,ltd., team members from international business and usa local office made company image and system solutions impressive to visitors from players of global optical fibre communication industries.


as 3rd largest optical fibre supplier in global market, by attending this yearly activity, hengtong well showed her solutions of optical fibres and complete industrial chains from preform making to completed cable series. fibre series, optical fibre cables, ftth solutions were demonstrated to clients. during 5 days fair, hengtong’s stand successfully drew attention from considerable key optical players such as condumex, alcatel, furkawa, fujikura and other south american clients. and hengtong’s engineering and marketing specialists shared company’s future vision, new system solutions and achievements with visitors. 

while at ofc, hengtong team members also visited other players’stand for making better acquaintance of their r&d progress and offered products. friendly relationship with major optical fibre suppliers were constructed and enhanced, such as yofc, oppc, fortis fibre, taihan and fujikura.

on date of 23rd mar. hengtong team successfully concluded their task at ofc, and through this activity, hengtong made her name and optical solutions better renowned to global industry players, plenty new business contacts were built and old friendship strengthened.