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in may 5, dr. chen yuan qing,post-doctoral researcher of hengtong group, reported progress of his scientific project named ‘research of mod preparative technique of ybco coated conductor transition layer membrane’ in hengtong post-doctoral research center. professor zhao gao yang, chen’s tutor and mr. zhu hu jin, deputy general director of wujiang human resources and social security bureau attended this report with directors of hr and r&d department of hengtong group.

at the report, professor chen introduced present situation of research and development of superconducting strip in china and abroad in detail. then he compared the advantages and disadvantages of superconducting strip ‘generation1 ’and ‘generation2’.after that, he summarized all the research before, and planed the outlook of the next step of work.

the mid-term project report of hengtong post-doctoral research center has come to a successful conclusion.