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----exclusive interview of dr. wang jun, board secretary of htgd by telecommunications networks

financial data is one of the important indicators in the evaluation of enterprises competitiveness. in order to better understanding hengtong optic-electric’s achievements and change of enterprise competitiveness, the telecommunications networks has interviewed dr. wang jun, board secretary of hengtong optic-electric co., ltd.
 consolidate industry status
in the past year, china’s industrial restructuring made the demands in optical telecommunication industry and power transmission industry changed. and that challenge enterprises very much. during the year, hengtong achieved revenue more than 8.5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 10.08%.
dr. wang said, hengtong enlarges the scale of the main business products market, consolidates industry status and core competitiveness by strength the marketing abilities.
expanding the market share externally
 facing the serious market situation, hengtong improved optical fiber preform, optical fiber and optical cable’s production efficiency by internal improvement and process optimization to reduce production cost to avoid disadvantageous factors of market price falling. through a series of internal upgrade, hengtong achieved revenue more than 3.5 billion, up 7.12% than a year earlier, the gross profit margin was 32.16%, up 0.97% than last year in the field of optical telecommunications.
overall, in the case of industry shocks and adjusts, hengtong’s marketing competitiveness has been strengthen and the marketing share has been expanded.