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to implement the national guideline which is to promoting and applying new energy-saving wire in transmission grid areas, we are centered on the construction of green power and aimed to low-carbon energy saving life. highlighting leading role of the technological innovation in the field of energy-saving wire and helping build a world-class firm green grid, hengtong power cable co., ltd will hold “hengtong aluminum alloy and energy-saving wire new product launches” and “new energy-saving wire technical seminar” at the banquet hall, the second floor, beijing marriott hotel on 15:00 pm december 21, 2013, so stay tuned!
1.      title
2013 hengtong aluminum alloy and energy-saving wire new product launches cum new energy-saving wire technical seminar
2.      theme
 "green grid • technology lead"
3.      events organization
sponsor: china electricity council
organizerjiangsu hengtong power cable co., ltd
4.      time
dec.21 2013(saturday)
5.      location
beijing marriott hotel city wall
add no. 7 jianguomen south avenue, dongcheng district, beijing city
siteinternational banquet hall a