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hengong optic-electric co., ltd was invited to attend the ftth construction site meeting on nov.11.

 november 11, the ministry of industry and information and ministry of housing and urban-rural development held ftth construction site meetings in nanjing, which is aimed at summarizing, exchanging and promoting advanced management and engineering experience during the construction of ftth. giving full play to demonstration effect meanwhile, and effectively promote implementation of ftth national standards. as a well-known brand in the industry, hengtong optic-electric co., was invited to show its ftth products and system solutions.
deputy director general zhujun from ministry of communications development, deputy director yang jinfeng from housing standard quota department, jiangsu communications administration su shaolin, jiangsu housing and construction department deputy director gu xiaoping,  director of tlc yu bin, tlc chief engineer liao yunfa and some other specialists came to hengtong’s product pavillion, they said highly sure about series of hengtong’s sharing products in ftth construction. representatives from 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities came to hengtong’s product pavilion for technology communication and product consultation, sharing products series of hengtong brand have been unanimously affirmed.
to actively boost "broadband china" strategy implemented around the theme "to build the maintenance management of network," hengtong optic-electric co., ltd announced ftth overall solution, the new indoor and outdoor access fiber optic cable, high-density fiber optic interconnection products, series of sharing products, high light-minutes plc splitter, awg optical devices, optical fiber cable distribution box and other ftth products.
optical fiber to the home and the construction of the broadband in china is to carry out the spirit of 18th cpc national congress, to promote the coordinated development of urbanization and informatization. it is an effective starting point to implement the china's national broadband strategy, and it has great significance to the improvement of the national comprehensive competitiveness. as a leading enterprise in domestic cable industry, hengtong already has a complete set of odn solutions products and high scale production capacity after years of sustained investment to product research and development. hengtong shows apparent comprehensive competitiveness in the construction of ftth.