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zaragoza, march 10 (cablescom)-yesterday, 10 march has been a very special day for cablescom.


it is a commemorative act of the beginning of the construction of our factory. it is a simple and symbolic act. it is not the center of our celebrations, but we did not want to let it go unnoticed.


the celebration complied with all the security measures in force. it was a day full of emotions and very happy!


we continue to look to the future with optimism. we planted a new olive tree to celebrate that 50 years ago work was started on the construction of our factory. veronica chaired the event and was accompanied by all the people who have been relevant in these 50 years.


the olive tree plantation and the act have been charged with emotion. a space where we have been able to remember those most special moments and spend time together.


on the other hand, the delivery of the bonsai to the staff has been received with great joy. all the workers have been very grateful!


as a symbol of growth, life and commitment to sustainability. 50 years committed to sustainability and care for the environment. a green corporate gift that represented our ethics and sustainability.


giving bonsai has brought us even closer to chinese culture. we have learned and enjoyed more about this exciting and ancient culture. it is an act of cultural integration through the delivery of bonsai. our goal is the dissemination of chinese culture in our environment, families, workers...