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take a stroll down memory lane to those carefree years of hot summer days spent on the school field for sports day. now hengtongers got an opportunity to re-live those days with one of the corporate cricket tournament events recently. it's a great opportunity for hengtong employees to get away from their desks, change up their mindset and enjoy more on the team building.

the fun overload they’d never forget! lot of our employees participated in the tournament in a way that makes them proud. this also opened the window in implementing holistic employee wellness.
the day was customized with registration, participation, team selection, pre event buzz, practices, facilitation, and entertainment. it was an unwinding day with full of excitement and fun!

cricket is an important part of the culture of india, and is one of the few aspects of indian life that unites the whole country. many believe it encouraged the concept of nationhood for the indians and proved to be a turning point in india's struggle for independence. the first match in india was recorded in 1721 when a group of sailors gathered to play in western india. within nearly three centuries cricket is india's most popular sport and celebrity cricketers are amongst the wealthiest members of indian society.