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suboptic2019, a professional conference in the submarine cable system field was held in new orleans from april 8 to 11. hengtong showcased products and solutions including offshore oil and gas communication system, submarine optical cable for transoceanic communications and submarine observation network, attracting a great number of visitors.

with the rise of 5g communication, big data, cloud computing and transnational communication demand are booming. the low latency, low power consumption and data capacity of transoceanic cable communication is particularly important. in the designing of the new generation of submarine cable, hengtong, as one of the world leading submarine cable manufacturers, comprehensively analyzed the needs of cross-ocean communication, designed and developed a new generation of ultra-low loss submarine cable.

jerry brown, chief marine scientist, was invited to attend the conference and gave a speech entitled "a new iteration in the design of submarine cables", introducing the new generation large cores fiber submarine cable technology based on aluminum and copper conductors. through the innovation of the structure design and manufacturing technology of the submarine cable, hengtong achieved a high and stable cabling level which provides the submarine cable system with ultra-low, more stable optical fiber attenuation and ultra-long-distance feeding performance.

in the poster segment of the exhibition, hengtong presented five papers which showed the experience of hengtong in manufacturing technology, water resistance performance, rapid repairs, and submarine observation network.

submarine optical cables, the main carrier of the global information communication, undertakes 95% of the international communication. since the first submarine optical cable came out in 1985, the construction of submarine optical cable has developed vigorously all over the world. compared with the development in european and american countries, china's submarine optical cable started relatively later, but with over 20 years of development, the manufacturing level of hengtong has no gap with that of international submarine cable manufacturers.

since hengtong entered the submarine optical cable field, it has successively delivered major international projects to comoros, maldives, papua new guinea, and chile. by the end of 2018, hengtong’s submarine cable has been delivered to the international market for over 10,000 km. the global industry witnesses hengtong’s development and achievements.

until now, hengtong has built the world's leading modern submarine optical cable production base and the only testing center in asia-pacific region that has the ability to test the performance of submarine optical cable used in deep sea. 

hengtong is to build the marine industry chain offering product, engineering and operation service and committed to becoming a technology-led company serving china and the global marine industry.