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in the afternoon of april 9 (beijing time), the "huadian wenqiang" wind power operation platform, invested and built by hengtong, has successfully delivered its first wind turbine installation, demonstrating hengtong's comprehensive strength.

compared with terristrial, the wind &wave, geology and meteorological condition greatly increase the difficulty of wind power equipment installation which is a major bottleneck restricting the development of offshore wind power.

on march 11, 2019, "huadian wenqiang" platform set sail to zhanjiang,guangdong province to carry out the offshore wind power project in which first large-scale used large-diameter single pile in guangdong province. the construction site of the project is located in the high incidence area of typhoon. complex geological sea condition, extreme working environment, limited construction surface and the dense cross operation, all of these increase the construction difficulty for the project team.

considering the operation environment, hengtong studied the working condition, and continuously optimized the construction scheme. then developed facilities including single-blade hangers, tooling to improve the efficiency and safety of offshore fan hoisting, effectively ensure the installation accuracy and construction progress, and successfully complete the first fan installation.

the success installing the first wind turbine  reflects the professional construction of the hengtong wind power operation platform under complex sea conditions, and the comprehensive competitive strength of hengtong in the field of offshore wind power, which will help hengtong accumulate practical experience in building offshore wind power and offshore engineering industry chain.

offshore wind power construction platform, also known as "offshore wind power installation vessel", is used to carry out offshore wind turbine, basic transportation and installation construction. with four pile legs, the platform is firmly and stalely inserted into the sea floor and . it is a necessary tool for offshore wind power installation to carry out construction successfully.

"huadian wenqiang" platform was constructed in january 2018 and  completed on february 15, 2019. the platform, a four pile leg non-autonomous but self-propelled wind power platform, covers the demand of wind farms in coastal areas and shallow sea areas in china. it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, reasonable design, advanced configuration and economic cost.