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during october 14-17, 2018, the 67th iwcs international cable connectivity symposium was held in u.s. iwcs, the most influential and authoritative international symposium on optical fiber cable & wire and cable industry in the world, leads the latest technical development trend of communications cable and optical fiber cable. as a world leading enterprise in the communications industry, hengtong was invited to attend the symposium and released the latest scientific and academic professional reports. the distribution solutions and products displayed by hengtong attract great attention from industry’s experts and customers, who conducted in-depth communication and negotiation with hengtong.

this year’s iwcs has 19 technical symposiums and nearly 160 papers are released covering fields as advances in optical connectivity, copper cable’s design, model & test, long haul and submarine network systems, codes standards & test methods, flame retardant & jacket materials, fttx, multimode fiber, extrusion & processing technology etc.

hengtong released 11 academic papers in the fields of optical fiber communications, ocean communications, and cable materials and so on. it witnesses hengtong’s r&d ability that hengtong's professional academic papers have been fully recognized by the organizers, witnessing.

during the symposium, experts from hengtong gave lectures on topics of an extremely low temperature resistant large effective area optical fiber, fabrication of yb-doped double-cladding fiber by vapor phase chelate doping technique, research for thermal aging life of optical fiber composite low-voltage cables, research on a kind of high-strength and high-toughness optical fiber tube material, discussion on the development and appllication  of a type of drop-shaped self-supporting optical fiber cable, the technique of extrusion for intermittent color strip, optimization of grinding procedure to improve the insertion loss and reflection loss of multi-fiber mpo connectors as well as study of control methods for gel-free loose tube size and excess fiber length, obtaining high praise from audience.



in the fields of optical fiber communications, smart grid, ultra-high voltage electric power transmission and marine equipment engineering, hengtong has continuously broken through the key technology barriers and formed two complete industrial chains: optical fiber communication and power transmission. in 2017, hengtong's new fiber-optic engineering center launched which further expanded optical fiber production capacity and enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises.

hengtong ranked top 3 in the world in the industry of optical fiber communication. as a global system integrator and network service provider, hengtong has set up 9 overseas manufacturing planets, established marketing technical service branches in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and registered trademarks in more than 110 countries, and serviced clients from more than 140 countries and regions.

in the near future, in order to better respond to global mobile communications diversification upgrade needs, hengtong will speed up the global operation and industrial layout by implementing "great transformations" which means hengtong will change from a product supplier to an integrated service provider.