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during october 15-18, 2018, futurecom, the vane of telecom and it industry in latin american counties, opened at são paulo expo, brazil and a large number of operators, service providers, equipment providers and system integrators gathered together. hengtong and its brazil subsidiary attended futurecom together, conducted a face-to-face communication, analyzed industry and technology developing trends, shared latest global achievements with experts, industry colleagues, operators representatives from all over the world.

hengtong particularly displayed a variety of high-end products and solutions in futurecom, including four series of communications fiber, air-blown micro cable solutions, flexible access solutions, fttx solutions, integrated cabling solutions, transoceanic communications solutions, submarine observation network solutions, opgw solutions, and epc , and introduced to visitors on the production capacity, delivery capacity and also the hengtong’s local plant in brazil. 

nowadays, the global optical communications industry is booming, from popularizing 4g tooncoming 5g. as the largest and most populous country in south america, brazil's demand for optical fiber cables has been rising steadily in recent years. the annual demand for optical fiber and cable is expected to be 3-4 million fiber-km outdoor and 1 million fiber-km indoor in 2018, accounting for about 50% of demand in south america as a whole. in order to provide better service to the the local markety, in 2012 hengtong set up its first industrial base in brazil. hengtong’s brazil subsidiary was founded in 2015 and put into operation in 2016,broke the monopoly of the optical fiber and cable market at that time. after years of development, hengtong had achieved co-operations with local partners continuously. in 2016, hengtong brazil delivered the first batch of optical fiber and cable network products to local telecom operators successfully, helping lay down broadband for the rio olympics. in 2018, hengtong won the bid of brazil's biggest operator, winning about 45 percent of the market shares. in 2018, hengtong shortlisted into algar operator’s suppliers successfully, winning its annual cable framework supply contract. in the same year, hengtong brazil developed brazil's largest optical communications distributor, successfully opening up the segment market.

hengtong will uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, inherit and carryforward the spirit of friendly cooperation along the silk road to build the win-win relationship with the partners, enterprises and governments of countries and convey chinese high-quality manufacture to the world.