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from september 9 to 12, 2019, itu telecom world 2019 was grandly held in hungexpo budapest fair center, budapest, hungary. hengtong group was invited to participate in itu telecom world 2019, where hengtong group showcased the new micro modules cables and solutions like air blowing micro cable, fttx, ftth flexible access, as well as emerging technology and application innovation achievements in information and communication field. hengtong group won the recognition of leaders from suzhou industry and information technology department on the first exhibition day.


hungary, located in the hinterland of europe, has always been a strategically-significant transit place and distribution center for chinese goods to enter the european market. hungary has complete communication infrastructureand the communication market is completely liberalized. targeting local market,hengtong group provides products and solutions such as microcables, adss, piping cables and so on. hengtong is a national key high-tech enterprise specializing in producing all kinds of optical fiber and cables and optical devices. at present, hengtong has achieved full industry chain of preform, fiber and cable.


fttx solution & ftth flexible access solution are the highlights in this exhibition. hengtong can provide a comprehensive fttx solution, and has unique advantages in chips, equipment and optical fiber and optical cables. the chip technology breakthrough on physical layer will bring cost down in the whole industry. besides, the advantages of front-end chips in both epon and gpon can directly drive the system advantages to improve the shunt ratio, the construction cost of the whole network and the bandwidth use cost of users can both be reduced. hengtong’s fttx solutions are suitable for a variety of ftth,ftto,fttb application scenarios.