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september 25-28, windenergy hamburg, a biennial exhibition, grandly opened at hamburg messe and congress center in hamburg, germany. as a global information and energy network service provider, hengtong displayed the solutions of offshore wind power system, high voltage land cable, high voltage submarine cable, new energy wind power cable products, submarine cable accessories in the world’s leading expo, attracting the attention of a large number of audience. furthermore, hengtong explored industry development and conducted cooperation with many senior experts and customers in offshore wind power field.


windenergy hamburg is a world’s leading expo for wind energy in which worthwhile goods about environment, sustainability, ecology, wind power, sustainable energy and offshore wind energy were displayed.


in recent years, clean energy power generation has attracted worldwide attention, especially in many european countries. they are gradually eliminating the traditional power generation and switching to use clean energy generation. wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation are the main possible ways. many european countries have natural privileges of wind-power. nearly 84% (15780mw) of the world's offshore wind facilities are located in offshore waters in 11 european countries by the end of 2017. the eu aims to generate 35% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 (compared with 15% in 2005), with wind power accounting for 12% of total electricity consumption by 2020 (3% in 2006), of which 1/3 will come from the sea. it is reported that the global wind power cable market will grow at a compound annual rate of more than 7% from 2017 to 2021.


in the face of such a vast wind energy market in europe, hengtong acquired spain's zaragoza cable and portuguesa alcobre cable in 2015 to enhance its competitiveness in the european market, to analyze customer needs in depth, and continuously perfect offshore wind power industry product chain. meanwhile, as a professional system solution service provider with a complete power transmission industry chain, hengtong has the ability to provide independent design, r&d service, production, transportation, laying, maintenance and related supporting facilities system solutions, offering the best uhv cable and submarine cable products with intelligence and innovation. recently, hengtong has won many bids of offshore wind power projects, such as the pakistan offshore wind power project, the russian submarine cable project, the brazilian opgw project, which are the best proof that hengtong products have been recognized.


the marine economic era is coming. in the near future, hengtong will focus on exploration of germany, britain, france and other european markets to contribute to the european offshore wind power construction with our reliable, cost-effective design and epc services.