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deputy to the national people's congress and hengtong group chairman of the board cui genliang: work together to promote private enterprises "  out"
the private economy is the source of vitality for china’s socialist market economy. the development of private enterprises will affect the vitality of china’s market, further more whether private enterprise can be taken abroad (  out) will relate directly to the international competitiveness of china's private enterprises. hengtong group chairman of the board cui genliang is the representative of npc and cppcc sessions and the "head" of outstanding private enterprises. on the basis of in-depth investigation and widely take the private enterprises’ advises, mr. cui proposed lots of practical recommendations to facilitate private enterprises to "  out".
numbers of products from hengtong optical-electric co., ltd twinkled in ofc2013
after long expectation and preparation, the 2013 exhibition of optical fiber communication (ofc / nfoec) held grandly on march 10. as one of the world's largestoptical communications industry event, the exhibition has attracteda large number of excellent optical communication enterprises all around the world.the world's leading cable and solutions provider - hengtong optical-electric co., ltdexhibited a number of products in ofc, as to in-depth exchanges with many overseas customers.
in april 2012,hengtong optic-electric successfully won the bid of the international cable bidding project “32 major categories (optical cable part) of the china national petroleum corporation-cum-burma oil and gas pipeline project and yunnan optic cable centralized procurement”,which was organised by the china huanqiuconstructing&engineering corporation. the china hqcec is a subsidiary of china national petroleum corporation, a set of design,procurement,construction management ,car guiding and general contracting into one multi-functional international engineering company. the bid of the project amounted to more than 15 million rmb.