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 to achieve the private enterprises’ internationalization, cui genliang proposal, on the one hand, private enterprises should attach importance to resource utilization, less per capita resources in china, must be within the scope of the global energy development and utilization of factors of production technology and talent resources; on the other hand, to development the international and domestic two capital advantage, and use the two kinds of capital market actively, broaden the financing channels, financing innovation, through merger, acquisition and reorganization equity investment, the implementation of the national call and advocacy across industry across different regions ownership of diversified development.

private enterprise itself cannot blindly when go out, need to pay attention to rhythm, can be divided into three steps: the first step is to product internationalization have certain influence and market share in the international market; the second step is the capital internationalization, the foreign investment in factories, as well as mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, etc.; the third step is to create international brand