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the 43rd optical fiber communication conference and exhibition (ofc)wrapped up in san diego, california. ofc is well recognized as the world’s highest-profile, largest, oldest, most influential and specialized international gathering in global communications. as a leading optical fiber communication enterprise, hengtong made a grand appearance with its oceanic optical fiber, silicon photonics solutions and new products. hengtong offers new products and technologies to the audiences all over the world.

       around the themes of applying cutting-edge technologies in optical communications including 5g and 400g, hengtong mainly rolled out g.657.a1 optical fiber and ultra-low-loss fiber for 5g, g.654.b oceanic optical fiber and g.654.e land optical fiber for 400g and solutions related to odn, ftth, micro-air blown cable and ocean engineering.

as one of the largest system integrator and network service provider in china’s optical fiber and networking, hengtong has been committed to optical fiber communications. currently, hengtong has worked its way up to top 3 in the world’s optical fiber communications, built whole industrial chain of optical fiber communications, develop business system such as big data application and cyber security, and redoubled its efforts to provide whole value chain overall service for global information industry development.

on 2018 ofc, hengtong launched two new highly reliable oceanic optical fiber products, i.e. bonecom® g.652 and seacom® g.654. with excellent properties such as ultra low loss, large effective area, high strength and long length, these two products are developed particularly for new generation of oceanic optical fiber networking featuring ultra long distance, ultra large capacity and ultra high speed. besides, the technical perfection of its reliability significantly improved optical fiber’s strength reliability and welding reliability, which made it more suitable for large-scale oceanic communications construction with long-distance, great depth of water and complicated environment.

both products passed underwater optical cable international system sea test. the sea test utilizedbonecom® g.652 and seacom® g.654 oceanic optical fiber independently developed by hengtong, covering plow under test with replay and without replay in shallow sea for various types of cable, deep-sea submarine optical cable and repeaters integrated system test, which could verify the new products’ good quality and high reliability. 

it is known that the flow velocity of the water in test area reaches 65million cubic meters per hour, which poses a huge challenge for the tension that controls submarine optical cable and puts a higher bar for the strength and welding of submarine optical fiber. cable lying, recovery process and underwater inspection all showed that submarine optical cable, repeater and splitter had good photoelectric properties in their communication line. the oceanic optical fiber had stable optical properties including luminous power and pmd and reliable welding property and mechanical strength. what’s more, through uj test seacom® and bonecom® further proved the welding reliability of oceanic optical fiber.

hengtong independently researched and developed the first oceanic optical fiber in china and later became the first to test system integration in 5000m-indepth of water in china’s oceanic optical fiber. it has taken its place in the international market on behalf of chinese manufacturing high-end. oceanic optical fiber has been successfully applied in many domestic and overseas oceanic engineering projects such as qiong zhou strait and caspian sea oil, which has satisfied local telecom business development, improved local informatization level and served global informatization construction.

currently, hengtong has developed two major series of products in underwater optical fiber transmission: horc, houc and cable connection and transition technology as well as submarine cable accessories. hengtong has been leading the industry in its technology innovation, its delivered overlength(312km)feed style without relay submarine optical cable is the world’s first case at international leading level. 

the two series and five types of oceanic cables developed by hengtong have been authenticated by the international union---uj /uqj, and passed the tests in international sea trials and many other domestic and overseas projects.

hengtong plays an active role in expanding new business and independently creating and developing new products, emerging as a leader in domestic technology and winning recognition and fame beyond china. it has made significant achievements in global market within a few years. hengtong has established many marketing technique service companies across the world and built r&d bases in a lot of countries, serving countries and regions in the world with its products. its optical fiber capacity accounts for 15% of the global market and it has registered trademarks in 119 countries around the world. so far, hengtong has initially formed a network of globalized production, sale and service, achieving the shift from traditional product trade to overseas investment and to epc f, a business model of total subcontracting, and entering a new stage of globalized operation. 

in the future, hengtong is ready to enhance product quality to demonstrate its strength and show the world a powerful country, making chinese oceanic optical fiber march toward international high-end market.