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the 43rd optical fiber communication conference and exhibition (ofc 2018) was held in san diego convention center in california from march 11 to 15. hengtong, the world’s top three enterprise of optical fiber communication, appeared with marine optical fibers, solutions to silicon photonics series and new products, which exerted a wide influence.   

as the premier event in optical fiber communication business, ofc can be said to the world’s biggest exhibition in terms of its standard, scale, history, profession and influence. it attracts experts, scholars and professionals of this field across the world to participate in the exhibition, communicate with each other and display the latest technologies and research achievements in modules, systems and network of optical fiber communication, serving as a platform with foresight to discuss the prospect of the business and its technology development and as a booster for the boom of global optical fiber communication business. with nearly 700 exhibitors and 20,000 professional visitors, ofc 2018 has become a grand gathering of unprecedented scale.

during the exhibition, hengtong unveiled two products of its marine optical fiber series, bonecom® g.652 and seacom® g.654. they have such good qualities as ultra-low loss, large effective area, high strength and great length, which are specially developed for the new generation of marine optical fiber network of extra-long distance, ultra-large capacity and ultra-high speed. as for the reliability, these two types of products have made significant improvements in optical fiber’s strength and butt fusion, which are more suitable for the construction of large marine communication of long distance, deep water and complex environment. therefore, they’ve won great acclaim from many experts, scholars, technical masters and insiders of the industry, and showed global clients the leading role of chinese technology.

 as marine cables are laid in different depth of water from several hundreds to thousands, the lying projects are usually confronted with following major technological difficulties, including resistance to water pressure and corrosion, prevention from osmosis and the biting of fish and destruction caused by the dropping of anchor. worse still, the long-term monopoly of such technologies by foreign countries has affected the development of marine optical fiber business. to tackle these problems, hengtong has developed a set of cable production lines, launching highly reliable marine optical fiber products, such as seacom g.654.b and bonecom g.652.d. furthermore, it has also created a whole industry chain, achieved localization of marine optical fibers and made breakthroughs in three key technologies---low loss and large capacity, high strength and great length. hengtong uses its wisdom to help cable business develop and grow, boosting the development of china’s optical communication technologies across the world.

hengtong also showcased a series of solutions and products during the exhibition, including silicon photonic products, large-capacity communication optical fibers of 400g, fibers in the access network, marine communication optical fibers, flexible access to fttx and micro-air blown cable techniques, which can apply to smart optical network, internet of things, data centers and many other fields of optical communication. its exhibits attracted lots of customers to stop by, fully demonstrating the enterprise’s leading role in the technologies of optical fiber and further enhancing its brand influence in the world.