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the ftth 2018 conference, the largest ftth event in the world is held at the feria valencia in spain on tuesday – thursday, february 13 – 15, 2018.

hengtong optic-electric is attending the event as gold sponsor. during the conference, hengtong optic-electric not only displays its new fiber product- low loss fiber, ftth solutions and odn sample as network cable system solution; on 14 february, mr. jesus alzorriz, sales director from cablescom, an subsidiary brand of hengtong optic-electric also gives a speech with the title of the share of ftth construction mode and experience in china to discuss the ftth developing trends with over 3000 attendees.

hengtong knows that innovation is the foundation of the enterprise. in the interview with the chinese network media c114, cui genliang, chairman of the board of hengtong group said that the power, communications and other transmission network products are not disposable consumer goods; its quality is related to national infrastructure security and stability. chinese enterprises from extensive to lean development, and now to "go out", the key to go out is to through innovation to improve product quality and operational efficiency.

hengtong optic-electric early in 2016 began to purchase and research the optical fiber optical rod special test equipment. it spend hengtong more than one year to conquer a number of technical problems, and finally hengtong successfully broke the bottleneck of optical fiber loss. in 2017 fiber g 652 d and g 654 of large capacity and ultra-low loss performance came out. so that fiber 1550nm attenuation is less than 0.165db/km. this project has been incorporated into the national industrial strong foundation project and won the chinese government funding. the low loss series of optical fiber products successfully were applied to china unicom land long-distance transmission projects. 

with over 20 years of stable development, hengtong optic-electric now has become the second largest fiber manufacturer in the world and the largest fiber cable manufacturer in china; hengtong also aims at offering clients system solutions, not only the product manufacturer. now hengtong has built up an international business partnership over dedicates in many countries such as russia, france, brazil and ethiopia.

china has the world's largest fiber optic network. in 2016 the market increased 5.5 million kilometers of optical cable lines. china's demand for fiber optics accounted for half of the world. at the same time, hengtong optic-electric never stops and expects to build more connection with the middle-east and hope that with the product and service contribute to the global economic growth.