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on december 8, 2017 the new type of dongying xihe fishing and light complementary 100mw solar power plant invested by hengtong optic-electric was grandly opened in shandong, china.


the project is located at the seaside of dongying, shandong province. the total investment is 120 million us dollars with 25 years concession agreement. the plant covering 2 km2 is designed to install 348,480 pieces of single crystal, high-efficiency, double-sided, double glass, photovoltaic panels with 290w front power. the annual average quantity of electric charge will be over 150 million kwh which can power 50,000 chinese households a year and will help to reduce the consumption of coal by 50,000 tons.


hengtong optic-electric invested and constructed the project in the way of bot. the new type of fishing and light complementary solar power plant achieves double harvest of power generation and fish culturing, greatly improving the economic output of land per unit area.


the project also helps dongying complete the development transformation and optimize the local economic structure, which are of great significance and social benefit to protecting the local environment and air from coal pollution.


hengtong optic-electric, as the world's leading power and communication product manufacturer and epc contractor, is committed to the development and construction of new energy project. at present, the total capacity of solar power plant projects over southeast asia, oceania, africa and south america in development is nearly 700mw.


the fishing and light complementation solar power plant is to install photovoltaic panels on fish ponds. photovoltaic panels are used to generate electricity above the water, and the water is used for aquaculture of sea cucumbers. it not only saves land but also absorbs harmful light waves from sea cucumbers by the photovoltaic panels so as to increase the production of the aquaculture. meanwhile, as the power plant is built upon the water and the water temperature is lower than the ground temperature, the space between photovoltaic panels is larger than the ground, forming good sunshine, ventilation and cooling environment to prolong photovoltaic panel life span, improving the power generation efficiency of power plant, which can realize the power generation and aquaculture win-win and greatly increase the output per unit area.