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on march 18, 2020, hengtong successfully completed the delivery test of the first submarine cable for the zhejiang petroleum & chemical 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project and delivered it on time. this hard-won achievement will providereliable power operation guarantee for the construction of the project.


the zpc 40 million tons / year refining and chemical integration project is the largest refining and chemical project in china , with a total investment of 173.1 billion yuan.  the 220kv ultra-high voltage submarine cable delivered by hengtong adopts advanced armored manufacturing technology. the section of the submarine cable reaches 1600mm², which can not only greatly improve the carrying capacity of the cable and meet the power operation demand of the project, but also fully meet the requirements of large topographic fluctuation and complex laying environment in the sea area where the project is built.


hengtong will continue to fulfillits commitment to customers to completing the delivery of the remaining two submarine cables for the project in april, and ensuring that the second phase project is completed and put into operation on time.