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hengtong resolved the complaint from ethiopia in 24 hours and won a good reputation with the good product quality and fast & efficient service overseas.

 last week, hengtong received a complaint call from ethiopia on that the line was not accessed after the laying of opgw.

according to the hengtong principle of customer demand is the first, the management team had a meeting to discuss solutions as soon as possible. a hengtong team of two professional service personnel were leaving for the project in ethiopia after the meeting.

 after 13 hours of flight, the team arrived addis ababa, the capital of ethiopia to learn the details from the contractor, then they moved to the project site and learned that the 2 lines of the project has been completed. one line was mainly on plains and lasted 80 km, which was contracted by a contractor from korea; the other one was mainly on mountains and lasted 360 km, which was by contractors from korea, india, iraq and ethiopia. the optical cable were supplied by hengtong. the lines still were not accessed after laying. some people guessed that it might be caused by the fiber-optic atrophy.

 the hengtong team started to test the line of 80 km. they found that the fall off of the connection box caused the signal interrupt at the length of 25 km. then they tested the other line and found that the connection box was of the sabotage traces.

        hengtong resolved the problem in 24 hours after receiving the call and won a good reputation with the good quality and fast & efficient service. 

photo: hengtong team was discussing the solution with the local team.