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a “best supplier prize 2019” was awarded to hengtong recently by acciona, a spanish epc contractor in the new energy field.


the prize, presented by acciona annually, aims to give recognition to its best partners in the field of engineering and construction of renewable energy projects, and stimulate their  continuous improvement and commitment.


this year, based on the suggestions of their employees, acciona selected, from 45 suppliers from different countries who meet several requirements including minimum contract orders, product quality standards and on-time delivery, etc. , hengtong for the award thanks to its outstanding product quality and strict compliance with delivery regulations of relevant projects in mexico and chile.


this distinction represents the customer’s high recognition of hengtong’s professional technology, high-quality products and outstanding services. as a global information and energy network service provider, hengtong will continue to strive for innovation andadhere to the lifeline of securing quality and delivery. it will continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction and forge a ‘product engineering operation service’ industrial chain, so as to strive to provide global customers with better products and solutions.


about accinona

accinona is a global leader in renewable energies, its business structure is based on sustainability. with a history of 90 years,, they are present in more than forty countries, working on providing renewable energy, infrastructure, water and service to respond to the main requirements of society.