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recently, the world-famous mobile world congress 2017 had its grand opening in shanghai new international expo center (sniec). hengtong group, as a well-known global information and energy network service provider in china’s optical communication industry, attends mwc shanghai 2017 with the theme of “wisdom connection, create the future”.

during the congress, hengtong brings multiple high-end products and solutions in various fields like 5g, big data, internet of things, smart community and etc, which aroused wide attention of people from around the world.


highly focused on industry hot spots 

focused on various hot topics in the mobile world like 5g, big data, internet of things, smart community, cyber security and smart ocean, hengtong’s comprehensive solutions in the age of wisdom and brand-new business mode in the all-connected era greatly embody its advantage as an integrated service provider with whole value chain businesses.

solutions serving the age of wisdom comprehensively

during the congress, hengtong focuses on showcasing solutions of ultra-low loss g.654 fiber, intelligent optical network, generic cabling, marine communication transmission, ftth flexible access, dcfx, air-blowing micro-cable pipeline construction, data center, information security and smart community. moreover, it also exhibits its intelligent, digital and network-based operation strategy and innovation system.


brand-new business mode in an all-connected area

nowadays, hengtong is not merely china's largest system integrator and network service provider in fields of optical fiber network and power grid. it also aims at grasping forefront technologies in the communication industry and has extended its business to marine engineering, new energy, intelligent community, big data analysis and application and other fields, forming an integrated service model of "product platform service".

photo: izmailov, deputy minister of communications in russia lingers in hengtong’s exhibition booth and highly praises hengtong for its comprehensive industry chain.


digitization and intelligence enabler

in the intelligent era, the data center will further extend from the center to the edge, community and individuals. everyone will have their own data center and can get access to worldwide information at home with traveling, shopping, working, etc. becoming unprecedentedly convenient. people can travel around the world through ar / vr technologies. 

hengtong hopes to become a digitization and intelligence enabler. that is, through providing transmission and access of the ultra-high bandwidth optical fiber, intelligent cloud service platforms and various customized applications for individuals, families, government and enterprises. by doing so, hengtong strives to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry and even the whole society.


across the ocean, connecting the world

hengtong develops products and systems solutions based on marine communications and power grids, covering fields like cross-ocean communications, offshore oil platforms, offshore wind power, island development, marine engineering and so on.

besides, hengtong focuses on research and development of high-end marine equipment engineering technology and submarine observation network technology, as well as business of offshore wind power, marine oil and gas fields, marine transportation, installation, construction, aiming at realizing the system integration of submarine power and communication and connecting the world across the ocean.


photo: mr. xu, the general manager of hengtong marine cable systems is giving an interview to journalists from industrial medias. 


forging a whole industry chain in the optical fiber and cable market

through deep plowing in the optical fiber communication market, hengtong created a fiber optic whole industry chain and mastered the core technology for fiber optic cable manufacturing. with its production efficiency improved and the overall operating costs reduced, hengtong has for many years maintained a leading position in the global optical fiber market. in the ranking of competitiveness among global optical fiber manufacturers during 2015-2016, hengtong got top 3 again. particularly noteworthy is that, hengtong started to focus on the r&d of high-end special optical fibers. 

such special optical fibers are mainly applied in fields like iot accurate sensing, precision lasers, biosensing, submarine communications and monitoring for purpose of replacing the imported optical fiber and supply to major projects in china. achievements in the high-end special optical fibers have greatly improved the comprehensive competitiveness of hengtong.

photo: mr. sun, the general manager of hengtong optic-electric is giving an interview to journalists from industrial medias.


5g industry bring a more intelligent future

in the 5g era, the connection between people and things and the connection between things and things became reality, which is a hotspot at this year's mwc congress. as china's largest optical fiber network system integrator and network service provider, the world's top three in the optical fiber communications industry, hengtong is fully prepared to embrace the 5g communications era.


at the congress, clients show much concern about four series of high-end special optical fibers (high temperature resistance fiber, laser fiber, pohotonic crystal fiber, highly reliable submarine fiber) showcased in hengtong’s booth. the above-mentioned fibers are mainly applied in fields like iot accurate sensing, precision lasers, biosensing, submarine communications and monitoring for major projects in china.