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cablescom puts the finishing touch to its management of the covid-19 crisis by obtaining the “safe company against covid-19” certification.

after certifying their procedures against covid-19 by a prestigious external entity, they have obtained the “safe company against the covid-19” certification. spmas is a benchmark in preventive matters in our region (aragón), with more than 42 years working in the prevention of occupational risks in companies throughout spain.

cablescom has become a benchmark in our society, pioneering the adoption of measures to protect its workers against the pandemic.

during these more than three months, cablescom has been able to achieve its goal of 0 infections within its facilities, fulfill its commitment to customers, and maintain the usual rate of production on all shifts. he has not stopped a single day during the pandemic, and has been able to do so in compliance with the highest standards of safety and health with his staff.

we are very proud of this seal that implies recognition of the work well done by the team that has been at the helm of covid-19 in cablescom.

at the same time, it encourages them to continue moving forward, continuing to work towards the same objective and not letting our guard down in the face of any unforeseen event that may arise.


they have also received a letter of thanks from the madrid city council for their offer of help during the covid-19 crisis.