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hengtong acquired indonesia pt voksel electric tbk in year 2015, and after mere one year time, the turnover of pt voksel extended 26 times compared with last year revenue. by date of reporting, jiangsu hengtong optic-electric publicly announced that the oversea subsidiary indonesia pt voksel tbk annual turnover in 2016 was 2022.3 billion rupiah, net profit at 159.391 billion rupiah, which is seen 26 times increasing compared with year 2015.


indonesia pt voksel founded in 1971, and hq in djakarta of indonesia, and pt voksel was publicly listed in year 1990 at indonesia stock exchange market (public no.: voks). voksel is indonesia’s  leading cable rd and manufacturer withholding 3 subsidiaries. company’s central business is including power & telecom cable manufacturing, rd and boardband internet access services. market of pt voksel is including areas of southeast asia, south asia, middle-east and south america etc.. and pt voksel was extremely competitive in fields of infrastructure construction in indonesia, and is the major cable supplier for indonesia power grid and indonesia telecommunication.

on 20th of nov. 2015, jiangsu hengtong optic-electric co.,ltd. held its 5th meeting of board of directors and passed the framework contract for purchasing 30.08% shares of pt voksel electric tbk., and this meeting agreed that hengtong international subsidiary purchase 250 million pt voksel share at unit price of 1250 indonesia rupiah, and this amount occupies 30.08% of total shares, and the total price is 312.5 billion of indonesia rupiah. and at the same day, hengtong international signed framework agreement with pt voksel. on 5th of january 2016, hengtong completed shareholding transfer with pt voksel, and by then formally held 30.08% of pt voksel electric tbk.


according to new information, hengtong optic-electric co.,ltd. initialed full investment, and had management & technical team stationed at pt voksel. hengtong helped pt voksel for enforcement of team management, talent building, system making, r&d, strategy developing, brand promotion etc.. and assisted voksel upgraded in full scale. the first rate of management, technology, company team are swiftly applied and sped up voksel’s rapid advancing in market share and brand influence.


hengtong optic-electric published announcement for uncovering its boom market performance in 2015 as such: the result of resources integration, global renowned for hengtong brand, advanced technology, complete production chains; pt voksel held quite reputation in surroundings of indonesia. after purchasing, hengtong and pt voksel moved further to cooperation and fully compensate each others by combing of resources, and the result was that market sharing was promoted and more order placed.

fully explored knowledge over-flow effect, and improve the advantages of purchased enterprises. after completion of procurement, hengtong then merged her own production management system with production management system of pt voksel. and improved rd & manufacturing capability of high-end brand, and transforming current equipment and settled production bottle-neck, and by so the cost efficiency and quality were further improved.

in year 2016, indonesia government increased infrastructure investment, and expanded its market, raised production capacity compared with last year, the unit cost was lowered and gross profit increased.

at current stage, indonesia is now vigorously accelerate its investment of public infrastructures, therefore, the demands of optical fibres, power cables, submarine cables, special outdoor cables were adding up by now, hengtong will work together with pt voksel for making new production lines, and actively participated into public structure constructions in this region. and hengtong will support other countries’ business of telecom, power grid, submarine industry’s system upgrading, capacity expanding, and then develop their advantageous industries. hengtong will grow together with pt voksel in process of indonesian economy development.

doing business watching world map and go out along one-belt one-road, at this time, hengtong has created 6 oversea rd and manufacturing bases, and service supports located at 34 countries of the world, hengtong’s trade mark was registered at 119 countries and regions with her business shielding 130 countries and regions. 

based upon oversea development, hengtong explored scientific methods of purchasing foreign enterprises, strategy fusion was done by steps, working hard on 1 1 >2 assisting effect. hengtong has established her oversea layout by one body with two wings. to management of oversea business, hengtong insisted 5 principles including team, market, management, brand and culture; and well-done of 5 major collaborative fusion including market, technology, operation, finance, culture and hr.