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a two-day training for hengtong international business group’s 2020 new employees was wrapped up yesterday. these new hengtongers are fresh college graduates, choosing hengtong as the starting point of their professional career.


kicking off the training sessions, david tan, president of ibg, shared with the newcomers a presentation with the topic of “career needs talents. struggle for dreams”, describing ibg’s internationalization achievements and masterplan. other senior executives followed by consecutively introducing hengtong’s corporate culture and cross-cultural communication skills, administration norms, business conduct guidelines, hr regulations, etc. the training ended up with a visit to hengtong’s exhibition hall.


providing induction training to newly graduated employees is a regular practice of ibg normally on a yearly basis. in addition to showcasing hengtong’s warm greetings to the new colleagues, the training also aims at providing them a preliminary understanding of the group, which will be conducive to helping them integrate into the company and start their career in a well-guided manner.