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hengtong shines at africa energy show

from 28th to 29th of mar. 2017, the largest professional international energy show in africa was commenced at johannesburg. as the world largest internet & energy system solution provider, hengtong’s subsidiary aberdare appeared at site, and attracted eye-balls of african clients.

upon its 19th exhibition by 2017, this show was first started from year 1998, and has been the largest energy fair in continent of africa. 2017 africa energy show was  successfully enlisted 280 companies from dozens of countries with fairground area reaching about 30 thousand square meters. the show subjects were including solar power series, photovoltaic systems and modules etc.. 

while in expo, hengtong presented her system solutions of high voltage grid transmission, submarine power cable transmission, opgw, smart power network, new energy and  related high-end products and systems. hengtong’s booth was visited by clients from countries of south-africa, namibia, botswana, zimbabwe, mozambique and zambia etc.. and clients were willing of future cooperation with hengtong group.



as africa’s most developed country in power industry, south africa generates 60% of africa’s total electricity, and is major power exporter in sapp (south african power pool). in recent years, the industry process of south africa was speeding up, and power demand is high raising, there was considerate breaching of power supplies. and for the african continent, investment to power industry is reaching 90 billion u.s.d. in each year. in this scenario, the trade show will have huge impact to southern part of africa continent, especially important to countries in south africa union, and this trade show is also the best opportunity for hengtong to extend her efforts in africa market.

following strategies of doing global business and  one-belt-one-road policy, hengtong completed acquisition of aberdare in 2015. aberdare was founded in 1946, and headquarter at johannesburg south-africa, and is the leading cable manufacturer in africa. aberdare is the first option for power cables and special wire&cables in south africa and provides system solutions for power transmission, railway, fossil-fuel, mining, harbors, airport, constructions and large volume purchasing from africa major clients.

as a global energy and internet solution provider, hengtong is ranking no. 5 in marine power engineering and ultra-high voltage power transmission. hengtong holds complete industry chains from raw materials such as high-end copper refining, advanced fine materials, cables in various voltages to marine cable solutions. hengtong also provides power transmission epc solutions services such as system design, engineering, construction, maintenance. in the field of new energy, hengtong offers clients with integrated system including automobile power system, high-voltage connection, smart charging pillars such infrastructure construction and operations, the new energy system is also integrated with internet linking, smart networks and large volume data cloud services.