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hengtong show at cebit germany

in past few days, cebit trade show officially closed in hanover germany. hengtong as china’s largest optical telecommunication and power gird industry integrator and service provider presented herself to industry players with 5 major brands including hengtong optic-electric, cablescom, aberdare, ve and alcobre.

as a global renowned celebrate, cebit is the largest professional trade show in fields of internet data processing, telecommunication and software, cebit 2017 is on subject of cyber economy-never ending pursuit, and the major shows were related to web of things, ai, unmanned aerial vehicle,  autonomous system etc. and visitors can experience new applications based upon high speed data linking technology. at this tradeshow, there were totally more than 3,300 companies from over 70 countries , and they presented audiences with more than 500 cutting edge solutions such as ai, cloud technology, autonomous driving, web of things, 5g telecommunication, data safety and virtual reality etc..

during the trade show, hengtong optic-electric offered her new solutions of digital telecommunication and also showed industry players with her advantages of high speed large volume data storage. hengtong’s booth attracted plenty of telecom network operators, equipment suppliers, investment companies, and experts were gathered for sharing conceptions of future cooperation and development of global digitalization process.  meanwhile, hengtong’s solutions of wind power, elevators, and submarine cable systems were frequently visited by many european telecom, engineering and agent companies, and visitors expressed their willing of further joint works.

while talking with industry experts, hengtong european district manager mr. zhuang wei said that the global economy is leaping towards direction of digital communications with high speed and massive data storage, and boardband telecom channel is largely demanded, hengtong optic-electric as global leading cyber network solution provider, cable manufacturer is liable to do her own contribution in this field.  it is sure that with collaboration of numerous telecom operators, equipment providers and epc contractors, the digitalization process in a global scale is going to be faster and deeper day by day, and human society will be much more smart and convenient in future. 

as world 3rd player in optical telecom, and china’s biggest optical fibre cable network and power grid system integrator and service provider, hengtong in last few years were focused on those 2 industries and had already well established her complete chains withholding core tech patents in telecom and power gird industries. now hengtong is under her way of strategy layout in areas of quantum communication, boardband internet access, smart society, epc & operation of telecom projects, network security and large volume data storage. hengtong is endeavoring to build a global leading telecom service supplier with entire industry value chains.