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a film of hengtong group was promoted on july 14 in a program of jiangsu tv in praise of hengtong's contribution towards disabled people. hengtong has kept helping the disabled for more than 29 years, providng jobs to more than 3000 disabled people.

cui genliang, founder of hengtong group, once said, "some normal things in life may require unimaginable hardships for disabled people to realize! helping one disabled person sometimes equals to saving his/her family." the disabled people working in hengtong enjoy the same pay and welfare as others.


in the future, hengtong will continue to help more disadvantaged people to live by themselves for a wonderful life!

hengtong charity foundation was registered in the ministry of civil affairs of china in 2011, which provides philanthropic assistance to the whole country. also in this year, hengtong group, wujiang district government, and the district disabled persons' federation jointly provided modern household electric appliances to nearly 2000 poor families with disabled people. hengtong group also established a “hengtong love building” in suzhou social welfare home, providing living and studying shelters for disabled children and delivered laptops, educational supplies and grants to hundreds of poor disabled family students.

hengtong is not only helping the disabled get rid of material troubles, but also committed to enriching their cultural life. since 2015, hengtong charity foundation has donated money annually to help wujiang disabled people's art troupe conduct rehearsals and performances, and organized dozens of operas in the countryside every year.


with the slogan of "enlightening the future", hengtong commits itself, with these practices, to lighting up the dreams and future of more and more friends in need!