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aberdare cables, a member of the powertech group, is a leading african cable manufacturer and has been in existence since 1946. we manufacture an extensive range of electrical cables for application in power transmission, power distribution, rail, petrochemical, mining, ports, airports, wholesale, construction and domestic building environments. our four manufacturing sites and seven customer service centres in south africa enables us to provide personalised service to our entire customer base. offshore operations in mozambique, portugal and spain provide seamless entry of stock into africa and europe.

production factory

  • sus tube machine
    150 90 60troester catenary cross-linking sulfur production line
  • sus tube machine
    cly-1600/1 1 3 cable forming machine
  • sus tube machine
    jgga-630/1 6 tubular strander machine

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in our country, wind resource energy ranks third in the world. the total reserves of 10m height wind resource is 3.226 billion kw, of which the actual development and utilization of wind energy resource reserves of 253 million kw. the major products include 35kv and below power cables,wind turbines power cable for transmission, torsion resistant wind turbine cables.

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