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hengtong designs and manufactures fiber preform offering superior performance and reliability. we have now successfully a broad range of preform products. our longest preform length reaches 6m, o.d.200mm, corresponding to fiber over 15000km. the preform o.d varies from 80 to 200mm. we supply preform for producing full spectrum low water peak fiber g.652.d and fttx fiber g.657.a. the low loss optical fiber for long distance trunk communication construction and the low loss bend insensitive fiber for specific application. the special fiber g.654 with long distance and low loss submarine cable.


august 2007 the r&d program of optical fiber preform celebrated ground breaking.

june 2010 the hengtong preforms passed the appraisal by chinese academy of engineering and ministry of industry and information technology.

august 2011 the g.657.a2 preform was designed and realized mass production.

november 2012 hengtong won the golden prize of new material industry product.

december 2012 the g.652.d preform was authenticated as national new key product by ministry of science and technology.

august 2013 new special optical fibers and optical preform laboratory has been identified as key laboratory of enterprises of jiangsu province.

october 2013 hengtong was awarded the fifteenth china patent excellence.

december 2014 the r&d center produced the world’s largest size preform with diameter of 200mm and a length of 6000mm, which can draw fiber as long as 15,000.00 km.

december 2015 g.654 optical fiber preform for submarine optical cable to pass the new product identification of the provincial level.

december 2015 optical fiber preform intelligent production workshop was identified as a model od jiangsu province intelligent workshop.

december 2015 preform capacity exceded 1500 tons, the domestic market share of 25%. 

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  • sus tube machine
    high purity and stable quality of imported raw materials for the preform to provide a guarantee.
  • sus tube machine
    our products meet or superior with international itu-t standard.
  • sus tube machine
    our longest perform length reaches 6m, o.d.200mm

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hengtong, making the best of its advantages on the brand, marketing, technologies, equipment, management and the it’s team, proposes the first comprehensive application solution on wire & cables in the industry, thus realizing the transition from providing single product to offering technical solutions. at present, hengtong offers several solutions adapted to the specific necessities of our clients.

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