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2020, a year to be remembered in world history for sure, will also highlight the history of hengtong group. among many heartening stories within the hengtong family over the year, it goes without saying that alcobre’s 110th anniversary is a grandest.




congratulatory messages have been flying from all over the world towards ovar, portugal.




from china, mr. jerome qian, executive president of hengtong group and chairman of hengtong optic-electric, representing the headquarters, delivers his congratulatory messages as follows:




mr. qian also expresses his warmest congratulations in written letters:



from mr. wang chunyan, vice president of hengtong group & board director of alcobre, mr. li ziwei, president of hengtong electric power industry group & board director of alcobre, and mr. david tan, president of hengtong international business group (ibg) & board director of alcobre:




from ibg executives—listen! there’s mother tongue!




from hengtong’s three industrial parks in suzhou, namely hengtong optic comm. tech park in wujiang, hengtong international marine industry park in changshu and hengtong optic-electric wire & cable industrial park in qidu.




from beijing and shanghai, two most important cities in china, and the dongying 100mw solar power plant project in east china’s shangdong province:




from industrial bases around the world:

  • cablescom in spain— the intimate iberian neighbor!

  • aberdare in south africa—a multi-lingual enterprise!

  • voksel and mbg in indonesia—selamat ulang tahun ke-110 untuk alcobre!

  • hengtong cabos in brazil—with the dearest mother tongue !

  • hengtong egypt—greetings from one of the youngest hengtong family members to the eldest.

  • hengtong india’s chinese domestic supporting team—and their mbg colleagues. namaste! 


来自全球产业基地—西班牙cablescom、南非aberdare、印度尼西亚voksel和mbg、巴西hengtong cabos、埃及亨通以及印度亨通和mbg的中国团队:


from australia—hengtong cable australia pty ltd,

from italy—hengtong italy srl,

from morocco—hengtong morocco office,and 

from vietnam—hengtong vietnam office:




and last but not least, from the european region market adventurers—who’ve been devoting to european business all along:




given that the world is undergoing unprecedented difficulties, the joyous moments will but rouse empathetic sentiments.




2020, global hengtongers stand together in times of adversity, sharing weal and woe. sending their best wishes to alcobre colleagues in portugal, they are reenforcing a community of shared future among them.




no meio da dificuldade encontra-se a oportunidade. "in the midst of the difficulty lies the opportunity." the 110-year history is the most telling proof of this truth. with the wealth of over a century’s ups and downs and the collaboration of all hengtongers, alcobre will stand tall and confident into a brand-new future.




feliz 110º aniversário, alcobre!!! happy 110th anniversary, alcobre!!!




 more videos: 


learn more about alcobre:




the earliest alcobre company was established in 1910 as a private company named alvaro pinto dos santos in porto, portugal, producing low-voltage cables majorly.


alcobre是1910年成立于葡萄牙波尔图的私人企业,当时叫做alvaro pinto dos santos,主要生产低压电缆。


in 1989, it became a member of the amorim and sumolis group and officially changed its name to alcobre condutores electricos sa.


1989年,成为amorim and sumolis集团下属公司,并正式更名为alcobre condutores electricos sa。


in 1993, alcobre transferred its headquarters and production base to the ovar industrial zone, where the current factory is located. from 1994 to 2016, alcobre was part of the powertech/aberdare group.




in 2016, alcobre was acquired by hengtong group. maintaining high efficiency on the one hand, it kept, in collaboration with hengtong colleagues, improving its operation in an all-round manner on the other, including expanding the production line, upgrading equipment, among other things. its performance has been making remarkable progress. in the face of the covid-19 pandemic, alcobre maintained stable operation nevertheless.




we as the hengtongers will continue working together hand-in-hand for the further development of alcobre, for the improvement of european business, for better service to our customers, and for constant contribution to our communities.