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zaragoza, november 30 (cablescom)--cablescom is once again among the 93 companies in the ranking of businesses with the highest turnover in 2018 in aragon, which is a source of pride for all of us who are part of the team.


cablescom is ranked 79th, which they think reflects the vision, drive and ability to excel that being part of the hengtong group brings them. in 2019, cablescom's sales totalled more than 75 million euros thanks to the increase in export sales. they highlight the investment from hengtong group, together with the growth and improvement in their export business with the consequent increase in jobs in recent years.


this year, despite the pandemic, they have continued to grow with large-scale projects. within the scope of future and collaboration plans, cablescom is fully engaged in the challenges of innovation and synergies such as the mobility city with the ibercaja foundation or the ‘gacela project’ together with itainnova. they believe that it is time to join in to help boost the aragonese business fabric.


cablescom team and hengtong group move forward together.