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hengtong ranks among the world’s no.4 competitiveness enterprises in the uhv submarine cable industry at the awards ceremony held in beijing yesterday.



“the most competitiveness enterprises of 2020 in the global cables industry” and “the top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the optical communications industry of china & global market in 2020” were released in two awards ceremonies.


in addition to the uhv submarine cable award, hengtong was also acknowledged for the following achievements :


  • world’s no.3 competitiveness optical fiber and cable enterprises

  • world’s no.4 competitiveness enterprises in cables industry

  • china’s no.2 competitiveness optical fiber and cable enterprises

  • china’s no.4 competitiveness enterprises in optical communications industry

  • contribution award in 2020 optical communication industry in china

  • the best customer service award in 2020 optical communication market in china.