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 hengtong optic-electric attends cebit 2016,bringing high-end solutions


cebit 2016 ended on march 18th which lasted for 5 days.hengtong optic-electric attended the exhibition and brought a series of high-end product solutions including ftth solutions, blow microoptical cable solutions, new energy cable solutions, submarine optical cablesolutions and rail transportation cablesolutions, catching wide attention.


as one of the largest ict exhibitions worldwide, cebit always leads the trend of the ict industry and it is the best stage where the manufacturers“show muscles” and compete with each other. more than 3000 manufacturers from over 70 countries and regions have attended cebit 2016.


consistent with cebit’s theme of“d!conomy: join – create – succeed”,hengtong optic-electric invited industry general energy contractors, optical communication operators and regional power distributors to the booth and focused on european broadband, new energy, substation construction and other fields, fully demonstrating the manufacturingcapacity and innovation capacity of world's second-largest cable supplier.


in europe, numerous remaining historic buildings and old districts, insufficient laid pipes and property disputes make the fiber deployment become a challenge which is difficult to break through. aiming at the strategy of “broadband in europe", hengtong optic-electric showed adss cables, epfu blow optical cables, semi-dry pipe cables and other products and solutions based on innovative technologies, which have been widely recognized by the visitors.


cui genliang, chairman of hengtong group board, once put forward that to become a century enterprise, hengtong should accomplish comprehensive internationalization of the product, the market and the industry. guided by the international strategic plan of "5.5.5", hengtong has dominated the markets in over 110 countries and regions, and it strives to explore overseas markets by building factories, acquiring companies and joint operation. hengtong acquired cablescom and alcobre in 2015 which locates in spain and portugal respectively.


the high-end solutions hetong brings to cebit show that hengtong optic-electric has shifted the overseas business development path, from focusing on products trade to combining products trade with turnkey and complete engineering. hengtong has established the leading position in the global market of cable and system integration, raised its brand influence in europe and provided a strong guarantee for further development of the european market.