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hengtong shares the electric-power products in fise

on november 28, the sixth international electric sector trade show (fise) came to an end at plaza mayor, medellin. relying on excellent products, hengtong attracted a lot of visitors who come form peru, ecuador, panama and other countries. during the exhibition, hengtong received a large number of partners from south america and demonstrated competitive products and the comprehensive strength.

fise ( feria internacional del sector electrico) is an important international trade show of the electric sector. this edition has more than 230 leading companies from more than 30 regions and around 15,000 professional visitors, it also has a great influence on south america, especially on can. meanwhile, the business of several native electric-power companies have covered colombia, chile, brazil, bolivia and other areas, which plays a vital role for hengtong’s growth.

hengtong, as china’s leading group has a rapid development of internationalization. for south america area, colombia is the “connector” to middle america area, which has the most stable economy. the exploration of colombia market is a necessary and important step for hengtong. thus, hengtong has gained more and more in south america under the strategic guidance of entire group and the efforts of all members.