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 hengtong optics shipment of optical fiber reached 0.15 billion fiber-km, equals the distance between earth and sun.

how long it would be if an optical fiber were drawn between earth and the sun? the answer is just the same with the total optical fiber that had been manufactured by hengtong optics in last 13 years. to date, hengtong optics has manufactured approximately 0.15 billion fiber km which account for 20% of the total optical fiber installation in china.


with the optical fiber annual production of 35 million fiber km and daily manufacturing length equals the 2.5 times of the earth's circumference, hengtong optics become the single biggest manufacture factory in the world. the hengtong optics’ perform will be drawn to 125mm diameter sleave after 2000℃high temperature molten, then going through other process including:cooling, out layer coating,cure, finally turned into 250 mm diameter optical fiber。the preform seems normal but its purity is extremely high, single perform can be drawn into 15 thousand fiber km.


“behind the booming of the manufacturing capacity is the increase of hengtong optics’drawing capacity “said the chief engineer of hengtong optics. in optic fiber drawing, drawing rate and the dimensions of perform is two of the most important reference point for the evaluation of drawing capacity. currently, the optical fiber drawing speed has been increased 1 times comparing with the original drawing speed. single perform drawing length is the 30 times of the original perform, created multiple world record.